Clerk, office manager, receptionist...: focus on 9 administrative job descriptions and employment perspectives

Various administrative support occupations have similarities, although the range of tasks is varied: Reception, filing, organization, planning, data entry and managing company formalities are classic, which require employees to demonstrate versatility and thoroughness. Certain sectors are also seeking highly specialized candidates, with knowledge in a specific field, such as the legal, accounting and medical sectors, for example.

The job of office automation technician

Office automation technicians handle administrative tasks according to the practices and procedures in effect in the company.The duties of office automation technicians have changed over the past few years. Employers are now seeking to hire secretaries able to act as assistants; in other words, people who are independent, able to take initiative, handle responsibility and […]

The job of data entry clerk

Data entry operators enter or correct data in different forms: statistics, coded data, customer databases, etc. in office systems software or data entry tools. Their main tool is the computer or a data entry workstation. They work in an office, in both the private and public sectors. MAIN SKILLS Receive and save data Enter data […]

Specialized administrative staff: accounts, insurance, legal, medical

Some administrative jobs require both general administrative skills and knowledge, i.e. education in a specific field of activity. Four main sectors share this need for specialized administrative employees: legal (law firms, notaries’ offices, courts, legal departments); accounting (accounting firms, accounting departments); medical (medical offices, clinics, hospitals); and insurance. MAIN DUTIES COMMON TO THE FOUR SECTORS: […]

the job of chief office – administrative manager

Administrative managers participate in the smooth operations of a company or organization by coordinating administrative services and corporate services, i.e. accounting operations. They supervise the work of their team through hands-on participation. They manage office supplies along with cash. Depending on the size of the company, administrative managers may be assigned to a specific department […]

The job of archivist / documentalist

Archivists gather, file, record and rank documents for public and private companies, associations or government. Under their control, archives are organized and stored before being distributed and made available tot he public. Archivists often work in the information and culture sector, but can also be employed by a company to manage its information flows. The […]

The job of clerk desk

Whether it be for changing the paper in the photocopier, filing or preparing documents, the clerk desk or office clerk must be responsive and resourceful. This versatile function requires organizational skills, thoroughness and a desire to be of service. When present, they are discreet, but their absence is certainly felt. MAIN DUTIES Type Answer the […]

The job of receptionist (or switchboard operator)

Receptionists and switchboard operators greet clients and visitors, in person or on the phone. They then direct the person to the most appropriate person or department for their needs. Often, the job of receptionist is not limited to reception duties. An increasing number of employers want to have a receptionist able to perform basic secretarial […]

The jobs of executive secretary and executive assistant

Executive secretaries are responsible for managing all the administrative formalities of management. They can be associated with one person, usually a director or executive, or, in small companies, serve all the executives. Executive secretaries need to be able to carry out all their managers’ requests. Often considered the last barrier before the director’s office, executive […]

The jobs of secretary and administrative assistant

The jobs of secretaries and administrative assistants have a number of things in common: greeting, filing, planning, office management and coordination. Secretaries usually work for a single person, a manager or a director, often doing personalized work. Administrative assistants, on the other hand, work for an entire office or team. They may represent their companies […] network