the job of chief office – administrative manager

Administrative managers participate in the smooth operations of a company or organization by coordinating administrative services and corporate services, i.e. accounting operations. They supervise the work of their team through hands-on participation. They manage office supplies along with cash. Depending on the size of the company, administrative managers may be assigned to a specific department or work for the entire company.


  • Manage administrative personnel in a large company, or all personnel in a small one
  • See to the application of directives
  • Manage office equipment maintenance (e.g. printers, photocopiers)
  • Negotiate with office supply companies
  • Manage stationery and office procurement
  • Ensure that the mail service runs smoothly
  • Update all data they are in charge of
  • Possibly ensure computer coordination
  • Supervise the accounting department


Administrative managers usually have a college degree with a specialization in secretarial science and office systems. Given the scope of their functions, however, a degree in accounting, human resources management or in a discipline related to their field is a valuable asset. Administrative managers in the medical field should have a degree in office administration in a hospital environment or have taken courses in a comparable program. A minimum of three years’ experience in administration is important to employers.


  • Proficiency in legal and tax regulations
  • Excellent knowledge of office systems software
  • Good knowledge of accounting principles
  • Proficiency in management tools
  • Good knowledge of the economic environment he/she is working in
  • French/English bilingualism (asset)


  • Team player
  • Sociable
  • Vigilant
  • Meticulous
  • Self-starter
  • Organized
  • Responsive


Thanks to internal promotions or by taking complementary professional training, administrative managers can become assistants to general management. They may be offered department manager jobs if they have the required skills. network