Overview and employment perspectives in the administrative support jobs in Canada

Employees dedicated to administrative support must adapt to a changing and more and more computerized and virtual environment. New tools and software are a gain in productivity and time, but it is necessary to know how to benefit from them while they remain indispensable for performing these tasks! Given the upheaval in the sector and the trend for virtual assistants, what are the tips for taking your place, fulfilling your role and giving impeccable service: training and keeping skills up to date are paramount!    

Ten tips for succeeding in administration

Here are ten tips for succeeding in administration, that will help you whether you are an assistant, a clerk, an office automation technician, a receptionist or a secretary….! 1. Organize your day. Before doing anything, start by taking note of all the tasks you have to accomplish that day. Sort them in order of importance, […]

Where does your work as an assistant end?

To the uninformed, these requests may appear abusive, even degrading, but for a motivated assistant, they are often part of one’s daily tasks. The work of assistants, as implied by the name, is indeed to assist employers, or the person they work for, in all respects. “When you have five minutes, please pick up my suit […]

Current recruitment trend in the administrative sector: interview with a staffing firm consultant in Toronto

Faith Shur has been working in administration for 20 years. She is an executive assistant and consultant for PD Bureau, a Toronto-based temporary administrative staffing firm. Based on what she sees every day, future candidates wishing to work in the administrative sector will have to be patient and able to quickly adapt to a sector […]

From secretary to assistant, a changing field

Little remains of the secretary assigned to a single person whose main quality was knowing how the boss liked his coffee! Today, even the term “secretary” tends to be referred to as “assistant,” which is more politically correct and especially more in keeping with what the job truly involves. Nowadays, assistants are in fact the […]

The administrative support profession’s future: Man vs. Computer

You’re applying for a job and think that your main competitor is in the waiting room—but watch out; your direct competitor may not be whom you think. In fact, it may be sitting quietly on a desk, purring with pleasure at the idea of taking your place. Could the computer —able to perform recurrent, off-putting tasks tirelessly—be tolling the […]

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