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Take your office from drab to fab

It’s time to invite colour into your office! Take a moment to look around your office. What do you see? (Well, other than the work to be done and the pictures or comics that you don’t really see anymore.) What colours do you notice? I often ask clients to start by adding colour to their […]

Company life

Top 10 steps to improve your office organization

Improve your office organization and avoid piles and files! Improve your office organization – There are recurring themes that I have seen as a small office consultant for over the years. I will outline how to best approach a common challenge – too much visible paper! It can be overwhelming and interfere with productivity. When I’m invited […]

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Personal e-mails at work : Employers rights

Personal e-mails at work : Employers rights In Canada, case law considers office computers a production tool under the responsibility of employers, who therefore have the right of control over all employee files and e-mails. Other countries are still debating the issue, however. All Canadian companies can determine their own standards as regards privacy at work. In particular, management can forbid the use of computers […]

Company life

The secret world of make-up

À la demande de Procter & Gamble, plusieurs chercheurs de Harvard et de Boston University viennent de réaliser une étude pour déterminer le lien qui existait entre maquillage et relation à autrui. Conclusion, sachez que votre rouge à lèvres et votre fard à cils jouent un rôle indéniable sur vous et votre entourage… même si […] network