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Focus on the Executive Assistant

The executive assistant is a key person for the success of a business leader. But what is her mission exactly? And what qualities are required to carry out this function effectively?   A facilitator with leadership The primary task of the executive assistant is to facilitate the daily work of the president. She saves him […]

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Techniques for Effective Note-Taking

Team meetings, conferences, training… there are many occasions when taking notes is sometimes necessary. Here are a few tips to make this tedious task easier and more effective. According to a post from Express Entreprise, there is a big gap between oral and writing rates. In fact, “the oral rate is 150 words per minute […]

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What exactly does a coordinator do?

It’s a job title that appears everywhere, while it’s difficult to clearly identify the specific tasks of the “project coordinator”. What does this employee do exactly? Basically, a coordinator is a team leader. He creates the right conditions for execution of various projects. He coordinates the different players involved in the project from a specification […]

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Learn English Online – Some Free Resources

In 2018, speaking English is a prerequisite for most jobs. But for those who never had the opportunity to learn English at school, what should they do? There are online resources available to you. These programs improve your oral and written comprehension, as if you were in class, but from the comfort of your own […]

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Home Secretary – the Pros and Cons

With the developments of technology, the “remote secretary” is now a possible option. But what are the advantages and disadvantages? First of all, there are obvious benefits, common to all workers who have the opportunity to work from home full time or part time: less time spent in traffic jams, no more need to prepare […]

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How to Develop your Analytical Mind?

One of the qualities of a legal technician is knowing how to analyze and summarize information. There are several techniques for quickly developing this skill. Here they are. Before thinking about improving your analytical capabilities, Organizational Guidance Counsellor Mathieu Guénette, author of the website, invites legal technicians – or anyone else who wants to […]

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10 Qualities Sought in an Administrative Assistant

A real pillar of the business, the administrative assistant has to be able to juggle a wide range of tasks. Several skills are needed to carry out this work with flying colours. According to Audrey Roy, coordinator of the Employment and Recruitment Assistance Service at O’Sullivan College, a management training institution, here are the 10 […]

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Administrative assistants save their boss 8 hours a week

A new OfficeTeam study shows that administration professionals save their managers an average of 101 productive minutes per day. Let’s discuss it. “Today, managers recognize that administrative assistants are true partners, that they let us do more and gain a huge amount of time,” says Montreal O’Leary, regional director of OfficeTeam in Montreal. This time […]

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The Most Highly Sought Jobs in Administration

Automation of administrative tasks has not reduced the role of administrative employees. On the contrary, the sector continues to grow. Here, according to Randstad, are the most highly sought administrative jobs in Canada. Technology and accounting. These are, in 2018, the sector’s two safe bets. If you have either (or both) of these skills, your […]

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Secretaries – Shortage in the Public Service

Last February, Quebec’s public service organized the first recruitment convention for secretaries, to combat the scarcity and constant needs for this position. Focus on secretarial careers in the public service. The public service is one of the largest employers in the country. And yet it is still mostly unknown. All too often, when graduates are […]

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5 Steps for Spring Cleaning at the Office

It’s not just at home that spring is a good time for organizing and housekeeping – at the office as well you can take advantage of these first rays of sunshine to put some order into your files and thereby gain efficiency. 5 steps to face April looking good. 1. Organize your workspace Some people […]

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10 Tips to Make a Good First Impression

The first impression left with a potential employer can be decisive. Here are 10 tips to to avoid harming your entrance onto the stage, beyond the well-known “firm, but not too firm” handshake. The first impression is crucial Why is it important to make a good first impression? Because it lasts a long time and […]

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