The job of clerk desk

Whether it be for changing the paper in the photocopier, filing or preparing documents, the clerk desk or office clerk must be responsive and resourceful. This versatile function requires organizational skills, thoroughness and a desire to be of service. When present, they are discreet, but their absence is certainly felt.


  • Type
  • Answer the phone and transfer calls
  • Receive and distribute mail
  • Update the book of accounts and various databases
  • Fill in for or help other clerks
  • Help with invoicing
  • Manage conference rooms
  • Greet and inform visitors, customers and suppliers


To hold this position, you need a high school diploma or to have taken courses from a private trade school. Nevertheless, a college or vocational diploma in secretarial science, business or personnel administration is recommended. In order to be able to work in certain sectors such as the legal, financial or insurance fields, professional training is often required. A certificate of vocational specialization may be a non-negligible asset.


  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office
  • Good spelling
  • Good typing skills
  • Basic knowledge of the sector in which you want to work
  • Bilingualism (asset)


  • Team player
  • Organized
  • Personable
  • Sociable
  • Nicely turned-out
  • Available


Patience and motivation are required to move up the career ladder. With experience, office clerks can become receptionists, secretaries and executive secretaries. Additional training is advisable in order to advance. network