Secrets of a Good Receptionist

Among other responsibilities, a receptionist represents the company. A receptionist attitude and her reflect the image of the company or person for whom she works.

She will therefore have to know how to remain pleasant under all circumstances, because her friendliness is that of her company. A positive and polite attitude combined with flawless availability… and customers will have nothing to criticize her about!

Nerve centre

The receptionist not only manages visitors, but also her colleagues, who will turn to her when needed. This is because she is the company’s eyes and ears, its nerve centre. This central position obliges the receptionist to have great team spirit as well as responsiveness to be able to help others at all times.

Management and coordination capabilities are also needed. A good receptionist has to be able to manage several tasks at the same time while maintaining a positive attitude. Between welcoming visitors, incoming calls, planning activities, coordinating meals and maintaining the cleanliness of the place, a great sense of organization is paramount.

In addition to a high capacity for memorization, mastery of computer tools can be a big asset to being organized. This will make it possible to record everything and take notes without Post-Its flying away and getting lost over time. There are many tokens of independence and resourcefulness that will gain points for her. Of course, the work of a receptionist is now mostly done by a computer.

Communication skills are becoming increasingly important. To welcome customers, a good receptionist is at ease in oral and written communication and she is especially good at interpersonal skills. Answers to questions from visitors and customers will have to be clear and accurate. This is in at least two languages: mastery of English and French is certainly required.

Physical presentation (dress, smile and courtesy) is ultimately a criteria not to be overlooked. Listening skills and patience will avoid misunderstandings and will ensure effective help for both employees and visitors. This will allow the receptionist to better understand the needs of different people around her and to best respond to their requests.

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