What Does a Property Manager Do?

Listen and respond quickly – these are two goals that this property manager, working for Veranova, always keeps in mind. Nicolas admits, “It’s a business where many operations have to be carried out very quickly, to provide a solution to the customer. That’s what motivates me. You have to be very responsive and blameless.”

Multitasking, the property manager’s business requires many qualities. Although there are may variations to this profession (depending on whether you work for a large corporation or for individuals), the base of the job remains the same, says Bruno, employee of Mach Group, one of the largest office building owners in Quebec. “In any case, we are the interface between several people, and we have to perform tasks so they comply with procedure policies, collect the rent when the customer asks or make sure that a repair is made during the day.”

When he starts his day, Bruno takes a sort of inventory of the properties, “Check emails, listen to voice messages and make sure no problems have arisen during the night.” Between phone calls, the property manager does his management work. “I take care of the accounts for several suppliers, I do tenant billings, I check the equipment, I make sure that all the properties are ready for winter, for example, and I have regular meetings to take stock of a particular real estate transaction or between owners. It’s a job that requires human qualities. Cordial relations have to be maintained with the inspectors, with our customers even when there are concerns, good relations developed between the tenant and the owner… It’s really not routine!”

Another necessary quality is keeping cool! Something unexpected can happen at any time. “It’s part of the job,” says Nicolas of Veranova. “We will make sure to find a realistic solution in the shortest amount of time. It’s always a challenge!” In this context, versatility and energy remain two major assets for the property manager. “You have to be creative, resourceful, know how to set priorities and always find a solution,” continues Nicolas. “And above all, be aware that you never know what time the day will end…”

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