What Can You Learn from a Job in Administration?

Not so long ago, holding an administrative position mainly meant answering the phone and doing clerical tasks. With the appearance of new technologies and in a changing work environment, the function has metamorphosed. Administrative jobs can now help develop useful skills in many other areas. Here are six.

  1. Initiative

An administrative function is a good opportunity to develop your initiative. “It is rare for someone to tell you what to do or how to do it during the day,” says Garda World, the world’s largest private security company. Louis Garceau, Vice President of Investment Services and Sales Strategies in Canada, says, “Our administrative employees adapt to a changing pace and are ready to take initiatives or, if necessary, to change course.”

      2. Team mediator

Much of the communication within an establishment is carried out thanks to the administrative positions. “Most staff or families turn to me when they have a problem or a question,” says Sabrina, secretary in a Montreal elementary school with more than 500 students. “I’m a bit of an interface with the everyone.”

      3. Time management

As Simone explains, who works in a large dental practice, you have to “know how to manage your time and priorities, because there is often a mountain of things to do when you are in this position and files that pile up. Everyone always has a request more pressing than the other!”

      4. Building your address book

A crucial function in a company, the administrative position “is also the opportunity to meet people from different fields and to build your network of contacts”, notes Laurent Vorelli of HR Propulsion, a company that specializes in training, consulting and coaching. “So you learn to sell yourself and stand out by effort and enthusiasm.”

      5. Become a multitasker

An administrative position allows you to reach out to several sectors of activity, have a variety of tasks and evolve within the company. “We encourage development of our employees’ full potential through these positions,” says Louis Garceau. “Candidate personality is a major asset. It is always possible to compensate for a lack of skills by an integration and training plan.”

    6. Self-confidence

A person who accomplishes all these tasks with enthusiasm will always be appreciated in return. Having a sense of initiative and courtesy are all qualities that your superior, colleagues and counterparts will recognize. So this position will let you gain deep self-esteem!

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