Administration: the Sectors That Are Hiring

Are you an executive assistant, customer service representative or HR specialist? Bingo! You are among the most sought-after categories of employees in administration, according to the 2019 Robert Half Salary Guide.

Great job to those with skills in administration: it is checked off by many companies, especially in the construction, property management, health care and government services sectors, as outlined by the Robert Half Salary Guide. These are the areas that you should direct most of your resumes. Once you have had a successful job interview, you might even be in a good position to negotiate a pay raise!

Valuable assistants…

“Demand is strong for experienced executive assistants,” the Robert Half report says, “because their role, which consists of allowing business leaders to focus on their priorities, is crucial.” This is a personalized position for leaders who can keep a watchful eye over all their people and manage resource planning, budget preparation, management of commercial agreements and following up organizational procedures. It is also a position for great diplomats who know how to communicate effectively with the big boss while maintaining the link with the other components of the company. Depending on your experience, your skills and the company that hires you, your salary could range between $57,000 and $87,000.

In quest of service professionals

“Since it is more difficult for companies to compete on price and quality, service becomes a key factor to stand out by,” the Robert Half firm concludes. “Companies want to surround themselves with friendly support staff who excel in customer contact.” Call centre managers are especially sought after, and although their salary starts at $52,000 per year on average, it can reach $90,250.

Desired HR specialists

“Growing companies need professionals to manage their recruitment, onboarding, integration and talent management programs,” the Robert Half report points out. Do you have the skills to become an HR recruitment coordinator? Somewhere there is certain to be an employer seeking

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