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Office Administrator

April 6 2021
Industries Vehicles (parts, sales, maintenance)
Categories Administrative, Clerical, Administrative assistant, Executive Assistant, Receptionist, Data entry, Secretary, Archivist, Documentalist, Office manager, Writing, Correction, Translation
Hubbards, NS

Role and Responsibilities

To support the shipyard office with client relationships, product ordering, revenue generation, business growth, basic accounting, and any other daily operations.  This role is a main point of contact for the business and therefore must represent East River Shipyard in a professional, friendly, cooperative, and knowledgeable manner.

  • Greeting customers upon entry to the storefront
  • Assist customers with questions, product sales, invoice payment, scheduling services, and communications
  • Invoice clients and follow-up on outstanding balances
  • Schedule hauling/launching services as well as any vessel services required
  • Perform basic accounting requirements such as entering expenses, creating invoices, billing clients accurately, and maintaining customer profiles
  • Effectively manage and organize product orders and delivery slips for documentation
  • Assist labourers with payroll entry and ensuring all time is entered completely and accurately
  • Perform weekly payroll and timesheet approval
  • Apply for credit applications and establish vendor accounts
  • Obtain new hire demographic and banking information
  • Support the Service Coordinator to help order shop inventory and product inventory for small and large projects when required
  • Support the Service Coordinator with receiving product shipments/orders and distribute them according when required
  • Maintain a clean and organized presentation of the storefront and offices
  • Identify opportunities for business growth and development in the industry and local market
  • Develop process and procedure for new growing business
  • Maintain supply stock and appearance in the bathroom for staff and guests


Ability to manage priorities is a key function in this role.  Must be able to categorize priorities and effectively manage time to complete tasks.

  • Client invoicing must be up-to-date in order to foster timely payments
  • Urgent product ordering must be completed in order to support service projects
  • Customers requiring attention must be addressed as soon as possible with a helpful and friendly attitude network