Administrative appointments for March 2021

Assita Foinke @ZSA Canada

Assita Foinke has taken up the role of Recruitment Assistant at ZSA Canada in Montreal.

Parveen Grewal @Conestoga Meats

Parveen Grewal has taken up the duties of Human Resources Assistant at Conestoga Meats in Toronto. She formerly filled the role of Human Resources Associate: Recruitment (Volunteer) at Save the Water™ (STW™).

Faith Babakhani @GAOTek Inc.

Faith Babakhani is leaving the position of Customer Service Ambassador/ HR intern in Sarah Pacini. She will be working as Human Resources Assistant at GAOTek Inc. in Toronto.

Teresa Warrington @Forum Equity Partners

Teresa Warrington was hired by Forum Equity Partners as a Virtual Administrative Assistant in Cochrane. She formerly filled the role of Legal Assistant at YYC Employment Law Group.

Kaina Falanga @Mainline MDS

After working as a Project Coordinator at Joe Fresh, Kaina Falanga has been hired as an Office Administrator at Mainline MDS in Toronto.

Akshita Chawla @Griffin Business Centre

Akshita Chawla is moving on from being Store Associate in TJX Canada/Winners Merchants International L. P. . She will start working as Administrative Assistant at Griffin Business Centre in Vancouver.

Elena Obara @Kellogg Company

Elena Obara has been hired by Kellogg Company as Assistant Brand Manager in Toronto. Prior to that she served at Mondelez International.

Dafina Berisha @Limitless AV

Dafina Berisha was recruited by Limitless AV as Administrative Assistant in Vancouver. Until recently, she served at Seraphine Plaza.

Tayla Basawa @Ford Nelson Lawyers

Tayla Basawa is taking up the role of Administrative Assistant at Ford Nelson Lawyers in Calgary.

Tanya Thatchuk @Rose LLP

Tanya Thatchuk is moving on from being Director of Firm Operations in Shourie Bhatia LLP. She will be working as Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) at Rose LLP in Calgary.

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