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Executive Administrator: Home Based

December 1 2019
Industries Non-profit organisation - NPO
Categories Accounting, Finance, Administrative, Clerical, Secretary, Accounting technician, Bookkeeping, Writing, Correction, Translation
Toronto, ON

The Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering (CIMarE), a Canada not-for-profit organization incorporated since 1976 to promote and enhance the profession of marine engineering and marine sciences in Canada, seeks an energetic entrepreneur to manage the day to day business affairs of our organization. This is a part time contract position (currently 300 - 350 hrs/year), home based, and reporting directly to the board of directors (National Council). As our organization continues to grow, the position is also expected to grow accordingly. The position is available January 1, 2020.

Administrative duties include, but are not limited to:

• Providing the CIMarE with a corporate office: Canadian mailing address, office equipment (computer, scanner, printer, telephone/internet), paper and digital file storage and open for business five business days per week.
• Providing corporate book-keeping services and managing the CIMarE bank accounts. 
• Maintaining and keeping safe the CIMarE business files, corporate stamp and providing off-site
storage of back-up disks.
• Supporting the CIMarE Branch locations. We have seven member branches across Canada, inherently part of the CIMarE, and they have their own voluntary directorship. Your role is not to become involved with the administration of each Branch but to communicate, advise and assist as required in keeping with our Corporate by-laws and procedures.
• Reporting directly to the board of directors (National Council). As previously noted the workload is approximately 300 - 350 hrs per annum mostly consumed during the 1st and 4th quarters.
• Setting the agenda and attending the following annual corporate meetings. Recording and keeping safe all meeting minutes and motions:

• Two National Council face to face meetings, usually in January and during the CIMarE Mari- Tech convention in April. (travel and accommodations reimbursable at cost).

• One Annual General Meeting, also held at the Mari-Tech convention. 
• Two – four National Council teleconferences.
• Keeping the CIMarE website and social media sites current and consistent with industry best practices. Working with our website manager posting corporate information and articles of general interest endorsed by National Council. Proof reading and editing all media releases.
• The CIMarE hosts one annual Marine Conference and Trade Show called Mari-Tech that is organized by each of our member Branches on an annual rotation. The role of the CIMarE Executive Administrative Officer with respect to the presentation of Mari-Tech is under review. Currently however, the position manages our exhibitor/delegate database with the aid of a software subscription and provides assistance when needed in interpreting Mari-Tech guidelines and providing information with regard to financial management of the event.

Membership duties include, but are not limited to:

Managing a CIMarE membership of 350 – 500 persons.
• Monitoring our web-based membership application and renewal process. Processing new member applications and then forwarding them to the Director of Membership. Managing our inactive membership role; currently unpaid members are put on notice after one year, notified, then removed from the role after two years of arrears. 
• Publishing a quarterly 3 - 4 page leaflet called the Marine Engineering Digest - MED complete with Branch news, corporate/industry events, scholarships, awards, etc. and posting it on our website. The material for the MED is provided by the Branches and the National Council.
• Providing a first point of contact for member inquires and responding within two business days. 
• Providing a first point of contact for potential individual and corporate memberships and supporting their inquiries concerning the CIMarE.

Financial duties include, but are not limited to:

Ensuring financial entries such as dues payments and corporate expenditures are promptly entered and appropriately categorized in various "QuickBooks" accounts.
• Managing the CIMarE checking account and making all payments once approved by the Director of Finance. Managing the CIMarE "Paypal" and other charge accounts.
• Preparing at year-end (Dec 31st) all accounts and forwarding this data to our accountant in preparation for our financial statements.
• Reviewing the financial statements and presenting the statements to the director of finance for approval.
• Preparing the CIMarE quarterly HST report and filing the necessary documents to the CRA.

The ideal candidate would:

Be a keen self starter

  1. Be a bi-lingual sole proprietor.
  2.  Adjust quickly to changing organizational demands.
  3.  Be responsive to quarterly/annual feedback (verbal or written) evaluation and readily adapt to change.
  4.  Be able to resolve work related issues relatively unsupervised.
  5.  Have an accounting and administrative background.
  6.  Have exceptional communication and organizational skills.
  7.  Have had some exposure to the marine industry.

Note: This is a contract position paid monthly. Applicants should respond in confidence directly to the undersigned by post or email. Applicants are encouraged to submit a resume, complete with work experience and proposed fee schedule.

Thank you for your interest and potentially helping the CIMarE continue to develop and grow as a not- for-profit organization and in keeping with its mission statement.

Donald Levy
Director of Finance, National Council
11018 Hwy 224, Middle Musquodoboit, NS., B0N 1X0 network