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Records Representative

June 7 2021
Industries Bank, Insurance, Financial services
Categories Administrative, Clerical, Office clerk
Ottawa, ON

Scope of Position

The Records Representative performs a number of activities related to imaging, tracking, storage, and abiding by the RIM controls developed for distribution, use, maintenance and disposition of digital and physical records.

Major Responsibilities

  • Provides support for related information management processes and procedures, and playing an active role to ensure the quality and accuracy of both electronic and legacy paper based financial records
  • Duties will include assisting Alterna staff in performing daily operations, projects, analysis, and reporting functions
  • Responsibilities involve tracking, prepping, imaging, QA controls, auditing and processing requests as needed
  • Assist in training staff who have access to Tab Fusion on an as needed basis
  • Assist in resolving requests for assistance from the Fusion database users and assist records management program staff in maintaining database integrity.
  • Assist in training staff on technology of scanners, capturing documents, merging records, develop controls upon category of documents, determining the value of the documents and priority of the document so that the needs of the organization are being met
  • Assigning digital or physical document a record value assigned to it, a sensitivity level, a priority to SLA, and a proper control for distribution, use, maintenance and disposition assigned to it
  • Assist and recognizing any cost reduction, retrieval efficiency, consistency, and making sure legal and regulations are met so that we can insure litigation protection and support
  • Actively create, upload incoming PDF’s and maintain electronic files
  • Participate in the clean-up of legacy records and files
  • Tracking lending assets, reporting overdue packages and agreements and presenting weekly reports to Management and lenders.
  • Respond to incoming service requests and escalate when appropriate
  • Provide timely reports to management and team members on tasks, initiatives, and projects
  • Manage requests from CRM and perform Internal audit, and CRA Production Order requests
  • Preparing, scanning, and abstracting research material for staff
  • Ensuring quality assurance, accuracy and integrity of data upon scanning
  • Collect, compile, and analyze data for the manager.
  • Assist staff with Information Management techniques when appropriate
  • Actively looking for mis-files within e-documents and fixing errors
  • Performs imaging control functions on documents while maintaining integrity of batch assembly and monitoring for completeness prior to scanning.
  • Prepping, scanning, quality control, creating e-accounts within RIM Software, uploading and testing all e-files and documents
  • Qualifying images that are already in PDF format for uploading to RIM Software
  • Participate in the clean-up of legacy records and files
  • Manage Incoming and Outgoing Boxes
  • Respond to incoming service requests, meeting imaging standards and guidelines, escalate when appropriate
  • Participate in Records Management projects and improving efficiencies
  • Provide timely reports to management and team members on tasks, initiatives, and projects
  • Manage role-related records tasks
  • Meeting SLA of 4 hours for each request assigned
  • Extensive tracking duties, opening agreements, closed agreements, lending agreements, contracts, legal files and service levels
  • Tracking, scanning, QA and uploading Mortgage Legal Files
  • Tracking, scanning, creating RIM Software accounts, QA documents and uploading New Member account
  • Tracking all deceased and account closures, scanning, QA documents and uploading to RIM Software.
  • Auditing Incoming documents for completeness and training when missing vital documents

Imaging Responsibilities

  • Scanner maintenance activities, cleaning, testing and quality control of equipment
  • Project planning of information type to be scanned, setting equipment requirements
  • Import existing PDF’s transferred to department and load into RIM Software
  • Track all appropriate information types, organize sections for indexing - using RIM software and other tracking databases
  • Creating entries into software for safe storage of e-documents
  • Document Preparation - disposition files, retrieve files from IM storage, purging of documents not needed, removal of binding tools
  • Scanning documents - page count, orientation, legibility, visual inspection of documents.
  • Performing extensive Quality Controls on incoming PDF’s and Imaged documents
  • Importation and Indexing - creating account on software, assigning account suffix, entering data type, issue dates, destruction dates and other key information on RIM Software

Expectations / Outcomes

  • Each member of the Records Representative team has specialized knowledge of particular departments and/or functions
  • Accuracy in responses when dealing with information requests.
  • Responsible for updating their knowledge as the department shifts and evolves in their duties
  • Document quality control on each and all documents scanned
  • All legislative and regulatory requirements are met
  • All time standards and service levels are met or exceeded
  • Overall operating efficiency is consistently improved within assigned duties
  • Current and accurate information is provided
  • Reduce risk and concerned about Privacy
  • Information is organized, accessed and managed from creation, retrieval and retention of documents to their timely destruction
  • Key business functions are supported appropriately
  • The right information is in front of the right person at the right time at the lowest possible cost to the organization


Educations / Certifications / Experience

  • Post-secondary education in a field related to the position, such as Records Management or Information Management, is preferred
  • Training with scanning hardware and software

Knowledge / Skills

  • A minimum of two years of recent work experience in records and document management OR a minimum of three years of relevant work experience in records and document management
  • Knowledge of Alterna files and documents is an asset.
  • Knowledge of scanning software and hardware is an asset
  • Data Entry and processing, knowledge of spreadsheet and Database Programs


  • Intermediate technical computer skills with Microsoft Office suite software
  • Knowledge of Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro
  • Knowledge of Document Capture Pro
  • Knowledge of and experience with electronic document and records management systems and tools (e.g., Tab Fusion RMS, Tab Quick, Access Databases)
  • Ability to seek information by asking questions to clarify requests
  • Demonstrate attention to detail even when carrying out multiple activities and plans for quality control
  • Ability to understand internal staff’ concerns and take personal responsibility for responding to requests
  • Develop and maintain collaborative relations with internal counterparts and business staff to support operational objectives
  • Strong research background is an asset network