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DELAN has specialized in recruitment for the IT and high-tech industry for more than 25 years. Our years of honest, hard work have helped us build a strong network of contacts and an extensive database. Moreover, the quality of our professional relationships affords us privileged access to outstanding candidates, bothpassive and active.

DELAN’s strength lies in establishing a bond of trust between candidates and employers. A candidate’s professional qualities and specific skills must match the needs and values of their potential employer. Our passion drives us to find the ideal candidate for your company.


We continuously expand our knowledge of the IT industry to stay in touch with our clients. The growth of our technical knowledge is always put to good use when we are looking for the perfect candidate. Because we understand the world in which you operate, it is easier for us to get it right.

We have chosen to work with transparency and authenticity. With us, you’ll experience the difference this makes. We guarantee we’ll act honestly so we can develop a strong partnership.

Feedback from our clients and the candidates we represent confirms that we act in accordance with our values. This trust is the mark of our success!

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