What exactly does a coordinator do?

It’s a job title that appears everywhere, while it’s difficult to clearly identify the specific tasks of the “project coordinator”. What does this employee do exactly?

Basically, a coordinator is a team leader. He creates the right conditions for execution of various projects. He coordinates the different players involved in the project from a specification established with a customer or manager.

Material and human resources team leader

“I get involved in just about every phase of a project,” explains Barbara Le Dru, project coordinator at Eudonet Canada. “From the early project phases during analysis/need expression through the testing phase and to the start of production (project delivery). I also do a lot of follow-up, because project coordination is primarily about connecting the production team to the client.”

Practically speaking, a coordinator researches, organizes and leads the resources necessary for achievement of its deliverables. His responsibility is coordination and management of all aspects of a project’s implementation. On a daily basis he ensures that the calendar established is respected. “I coordinate, I brief the teams, I do quality control, I get approvals from my superiors and I launch the projects online,” says Marion Barré, project coordinator with Ardenne.

Adaptability, listening and organization

Project coordination is a promising area of employment that is far from experiencing a crisis, since many business sectors need this function to meet the demands of their customers. Is the key then to know how to adapt to all types of industry?

“I think that a good project coordinator is a person who masters a methodology that is transferable to all sectors, or at least to a specific methodology – such as that specific to computers. Above all, you have to have a capacity to listen, because the vision of a project is specific to each. It is important to hear and understand the customer’s need. A good dose of organization and a keen sense of communication and diplomacy are also important,” Barbara Le Dru emphasizes.

“In my opinion, this function requires dynamism and an ability to manage several projects at the same time,” concludes Marion Barré.

Depending on the size of the company they work for, project coordinators may work alone or there may be several of them to manage projects and production teams. Within the company, they are themselves headed by project managers, chiefs and directors, always depending on the size of the organization.

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