Four ways to bring the “corporate” style up do date

There is no escaping it. Although many companies have adopted “casual Friday” year round, some industries remain attached to the traditional suit. How can the “corporate” style be loosened? A stylist offers us some tips to modernize business people’s wardrobe.

1. The right fabrics
Stylist Maryse Désilets, who specializes in a business clientele, is strict: “Composition is super important! As much as possible, wrinkle-free materials should be chosen. You don’t want the suit to be wrinkled after 15 minutes… You should look professional all day, even after a plane trip.” She particularly suggests blends that contain a certain percentage of polyester. “In addition, polyester has a lustrous effect, which gives a little chic side,” she adds.

2. The right cut
In 2019, suits and outfits continue to fit snugly — without being too tight, of course! For both men and Women, choosing a type whose fabric contains a little lycra is not only to make sure you are up to date, but also to be more comfortable. “You don’t want to be tight at the shoulders, especially if you do a lot of work at the computer,” says the founder of the En mode affaires agency. When fitting, don’t hesitate to move and change the style if you feel it’s too tight.

3. The accessories you need
It’s well known that accessories often make all the difference. Maryse Désilets even recommends, if you have a limited budget, investing a bit less in the clothing themselves and to reserve a budget especially for shoes, scarves, jewelry and even… socks. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau modernizes his suits by wearing colourfully patterned socks, so why not you? But don’t go to excess! “It would be better not to wear jewelry at all than to wear too much,” she warns. A brightly coloured bag or shoes is often enough to liven up a simple marine suit.

4. The ultimate trick
Suits generally come in three pieces, the jacket, skirt and pants. “You always have to buy all three,” insists Maryse Désilets. One technique allows for a number of arrangements. The idea here is to marry them to other pieces of your wardrobe – the jacket with a dress, for example. “And we keep the power suit for presentations to the board of directors,” the stylist says.

Staying pro even in summer
Yes, it is quite possible to wear a formal outfit in summer. So as to avoid suffocating, stylist Maryse Désilets suggest going for a material that breaths, such as wool. “In summer, there are thin and very comfortable fabrics with as much as 75% wool.” You can also play it casual by rolling up your sleeves, which will make you look like you are “in action”, she says.

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